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He’s Messy. She’s Tidy. Let’s Call The Whole Thing Love.

Finding ways to appreciate the spouse who is neater or messier rather than convert them into another version of you.


by Eunia Lee, LCPC

Some marriages are made up of two generally tidy people.
Books alphabetized by author, clothes stored by color and type of fabric, and dishes and glasses neatly arranged may be the norm in their living space.… Read the rest →

“You Complete Me”: An Examination of Marital Expectations

by Eunia Lee, LCPC 

“You complete me.”
 – Jerry, in the film Jerry Maguire.

Did you swoon when Tom Cruise (Jerry) declared his love to Renee Zellweger (Dorothy) with these words near the end of this film?  Am I the only one who thought something was a bit off about this declaration?… Read the rest →

Wanting A Good Thing Too Much

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by Eunia Lee, LCPC

The other night, I mistakenly started a difficult topic of conversation with my husband just before bedtime (common wisdom would say to avoid this).  Except I did not realize that it was a difficult topic until I saw my husband’s reaction. … Read the rest →