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Defining Borderline Personality Disorder

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by Jennifer DuBos, MA LPC

imgresThe recent signing of receiver Brandon Marshall to the Chicago Bears has created a new wave of public interest in Borderline Personality Disorder due to his own diagnosis and advocacy.

Personality disorders receive little attention from the media or the entertainment industry.… Read the rest →

Identifying the Three Fundamental Fears: Death, Abandonment and Failure.

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by Jen DuBos, MA LPC

People can be afraid of literally anything:

Snakes. Sleep. Germs. Airplanes. Malls. Relationships. Pogo sticks. Even a toothbrush going through the back of your head.

But as varied as one’s external, concrete fear may be, they can all be melted down to one primal fear: Xenophobia – Fear of the unknown.… Read the rest →

Defining Dissociation and Reconnecting With Reality

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What is Dissociation?

When people hear me say the word “dissociation”, they look at me like they should respond with “gesundheit!” When I go on to explain what it means, they often look steadily more disturbed until I get to the end.… Read the rest →

Curse of the “Control Battle”: Defining Victory and Repurposing Defeat (pt. 2)

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by Jen DuBos MA LPC

As discussed in part 1, control is actually an illusion- but one we are willing to preserve at great cost if we engage in conflict without clearly identified motives.  People seek control to feel secure because, like so many destructive relational and cultural patterns, the pursuit of control is fueled by a fear of the unknown.Read the rest →

Curse of the “Control Battle”: Using Power for the Right Reasons (pt. 1)

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by Jen DuBos MA LPC

Control is an illusion.

Some people discover this reality when a tragedy strikes and they realize that no matter how well prepared, no matter what prior knowledge they may have had, they could not affect the end result.… Read the rest →

The Three Year Twitch: How to keep your marriage from ending before it’s even begun (pt. 2)

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by Jen DuBos, MA LPC

We’ve talked about some causes of The Three year Twitch so you can spot the warning signs – now let’s talk about some strategies you and your spouse can do to limit insecurities and keep The Three Year Twitch to a minimum.… Read the rest →