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Family Time: How to Do It Well

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By Mary Hockett, MA Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor 

Why is it that families are suffering from so much stress in our society today? Why are so many children anxious and angry? Why are parents so frustrated at their children? What is happening that teachers and social workers must meet moms or dads at the curb as they coax their child out of the car to get to their school classroom?… Read the rest →

The Rise in Teen Cybersex and Pornography Addiction

by Mary Hockett, LCPC

When you hear the words “sexual addiction” what images come to mind?

The sleazy looking guy in the video shop or the nasty guy at the bar, right?

Usually the images you have are not of the respected lawyer you do business with or the doctor whom you trust or even the pastor of your church and certainly not your spouse, or even yet, your teen.… Read the rest →

Finding Your Inner Voice and Letting It Out

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by Mary Hockett, LCPC

How many times have you wished that you could stand up for yourself and say exactly what is on your mind?

Many females grow up with healthy opinions and a mind of their own, only to lose their voice when they get to high school. … Read the rest →