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The Relationship “Scales of Justice”

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by Steve Wright, LCPC

staff_stevewRelationships sometimes get stuck in patterns that are unhealthy. When those patterns become well established a system of relating develops that everyone dislikes but no one knows how to fix.

Those patterns have a variety of causes.… Read the rest →

Navigating Each Hard Turn of Divorce

by Steve Wright, LPC

Divorce is one of the most painful of human experiences. It has been compared with the grief and pain of the death of a spouse. Indeed, the death of the relationship to the person one intended to spend the rest of life with is something that really must be grieved.… Read the rest →

How Does Guilt and Shame Impact Relapse?

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by Steve Wright, LPC

As a substance abuse counselor and now a supervisor of counselors treating both substance abuse and mental illness, I hear about many different reasons clients relapse back into drinking and using drugs. Triggers that pull someone back into the life of abuse and addiction are as varied and numerous as there are people.… Read the rest →

Guiding Children with the End in Mind

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by Steve Wright, LPC.

Children do not come with instruction manuals.

You cannot reboot them when there is catastrophic failure and go back to the default settings. We don’t get to return them when things go wrong. What we do get is the opportunity to shape another human being into an adult.… Read the rest →

The Five Pillars of a Healthy Christian Marriage

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By Steve Wright, LPC

christian marriageMarriage is an amazing relationship in which a couple says to each other, “This is who I am, please accept me and love me for the rest of my life.” It is true that being married is no guarantee for happiness and that the institution of marriage in America is in trouble.… Read the rest →