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How To Launch Your Kids (Out of Your House)

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By Grant Stenzel, MS Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

How To Launch Your KidsYears ago, I had a sit-down with my kids. The conversation was brief. First, I told my son he was moving out of the house and getting his own place on September 1, 2019.… Read the rest →

Single Mingle in Naperville: “Nice Isn’t Always Nice”

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Do you have trouble saying no and establishing healthy boundaries? Do you give a little too much grace and not enough truth?

If so, you might be interested in Grant Stenzel’s talk after the Saturday evening services at Compass Church. Grant will give tips to singles on being strong but kind and walking that fine line between grace and truth.… Read the rest →

Boundaries 101: How To Tell Someone They Hurt You

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Emotional conversationYou may not realize it, but in every waking moment, you’re sending signals to people about how they can treat you. The people closest to you can easily tell if you’re in a good or bad mood, if you’re happy or sad, and if it’s a good idea to just stay out of your way for now.… Read the rest →