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Holiday Blues

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By: Jennifer Stenzel, MA LCPC

The Holidays may seem far away, but they are quickly approaching! Christmas and New Years are festive and fun for most people. However for others, it can be a difficult season. Our media unknowingly puts pressure on people to have joyful holidays. Therefore, individuals often believe if their family does not live up to these expectations there is something wrong.

The holidays are also when we see a rise in depression, suicide and self-destructive behavior.  The causes vary tremendously. Some people struggle because they have lost loved ones and are remembering holidays past where they enjoyed their presence. This can be especially difficult for people who have lost someone in the last year and this is their first holiday without their loved one.

Next, people struggle because their family is dysfunctional. Family members may drink too much, there may be fighting and screaming, or families may even not get together due to unresolved conflict.

New Years, too, can create an environment of pain. People look back on a year of unfulfilled dreams and promises to themselves. People who have recently had families break up may feel alone.

Stenzel Clinical is here to help you and your family with any struggles you may have through out the holiday season.