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How to Get Your Wife to Shut Up: A Word From Jennifer

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“How to Get Your Wife to Shut Up”!? Believe me—when I first heard the title of Grant’s new book, I had the same upset reaction many of you will. It sounds degrading—as if Grant is taking a stance that women are a ‘problem’ that needs to be controlled.

But the title? It’s meant to get a man’s attention. And when that man starts to read this book, he’ll quickly find that the focus is really on what he’s doing to perpetuate his wife’s unhappiness. What he’s doing to keep his wife frustrated, insecure, upset and, in turn, complaining.

This book is a collection of plain-language, Biblical, no-punches- pulled advice for men on how to help out at home, lead like a man in the home and support their women in different aspects of married life.

I believe that this book can grow and help a marriage and, just as the title (less eloquently) says, can lead to more peace, intimacy, ‘comfortable silences’ and satisfaction in your marriage.

Give it a chance. Let Grant change your mind.

— Jennifer Stenzel, MA LCPC

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