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Abuse Counseling / Trauma Therapy

Are you a victim or a survivor?

There is a vast difference. A survivor is a person who has gone through tragedy and has found the power to heal and become themselves again, but even stronger. To become a survivor the victim needs to move through a healing process that involves feeling the emotions and grieving loss. During that process the victim starts to take back control of their life in a healthy, positive way.

There are many horrible things in this world that make us victims. Once you have been hurt, how do you find the courage and strength to move from being a victim to being a survivor? When abuse or trauma happens, it is normal to question God, life, love, family, fairness and the world. However, this questioning can cause even more shame and guilt.

It is possible to feel clean again. It is possible to be whole again. It is possible to feel strong again. The answer lies in moving from being a victim to being a survivor.

Stenzel Clinical seeks to understand your pain. We want to walk with you as you heal and celebrate as you find strength to become a survivor.

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