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Anger Counseling / Anger Management Therapy

Sometimes it feels like a raging fire is living inside us. This fire can take over all rational thoughts, beliefs and actions. It can cause great regret. Broken trust, emotional scars and shame are in the ashes of anger’s destruction.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We can help you learn to control your uncontrollable anger and, more importantly, heal from the wounds that cause it to flare.

Anger is not wrong; it is simply an emotion. However, we often hurt others while we are angry.

Why do we get so angry? The answer is different for each individual person. Anger is not a primary emotion. In other words, there is always an emotion under anger fueling the fire. Often times it is hurt, shame, fear or insecurity.

At Stenzel Clinical services, we want to help you deal with your anger right away with a few simple tools. We also wish to identify the hurt from your past which fuels your present anger.

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