Oh hi, didn’t see you there! My name’s Adam Ginsburg and I received my Masters degree in Clinical Counseling from Loyola University in Chicago, celebrating such an occasion by placing a nice bow, like one of those oversized ones you see in car commercials during the holidays, upon it.

Admittedly, I’d call myself a bit of a story hacker as I have this unbelievable curiosity in getting to know and understand the stories each of us carries within ourselves daily as we navigate through the challenges that life presents. Perhaps you’ve never heard this before or perhaps you have and didn’t believe it to be true, but your story carries immeasurable significance no matter the amount of hardship that may oftentimes accompany it. The key in that is realizing that the hardship can often be the exact reason for the significance due to the resilience it creates in simply getting through it.

Therapy can be challenging, no matter who you are. I’d venture to be as bold as to say that few of us wake up in the morning and proudly exclaim, “You know what I feel like doing this morning? Going into a therapist’s office and speaking about some of the significant challenges and hardships I’m currently going through!” It just doesn’t work that way as oftentimes as a client, it can be a daunting process to sit in a chair across from someone you don’t know in the least bit and speak to the most sensitive, personal & challenging things that are happening.

Here’s the thing about therapy though: it’s that 1 hour per week where it’s 100% about YOU! Oftentimes therapy can be thought of as a place for problems but it’s really a place for process, as in exploring the depth & breadth of what you’re experiencing each day along with the twists & turns life presents.

I use the word privilege a lot when it comes to story hacking and it’s truly sacred ground for me to hear the stories you’re bringing to the table and to be able to speak life into them while maintaining a curiosity about how you’ve managed to display resilience amidst the very real challenges you’re experiencing. It’s with this posture of curiosity that excites me so much as to the possibility of connecting with you and fully investing in the highs, the lows and everything in between as we explore the ongoings in your life side by side.