Hello! My name is Angel Files. Life doesn’t always go the way we intend. There are times when challenges or decisions are difficult to face on our own. I believe we all need others to walk alongside us in both the tough times and good. Yet in my experience, reaching out for help takes humility but also courage, faith, and desire.

I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor and received my MA in Community Counseling at Argosy University. For the past 8 years I’ve been with Northwestern Medicine as a Project Manager. My primary passion is helping people connect with themselves and the world around and within them, in meaningful ways all while overcoming their current challenges.

Whether you are in one of life’s many transitions, navigating relational issues, or dealing with the effects of anxiety and/or depression, I’d like to like to walk alongside you during this next chapter of your life. I have worked with a diverse population of clients in different settings throughout the western suburbs. My clients have ranged between the ages of 6 and 80… I love the variety and wisdom they each bring.

I approach the therapy process knowing that it is tough. My goal is to create an environment where you feel safe to process life’s challenges. My hope is to provide emotional support and equip you with tools that empower growth and change. I also love to use laughter to warm the heart in my sessions. If you desire to keep your essence but alter how you function in life and relationships, let’s experience the peace and beauty this journey can bring together.