Hey there! My name is Matt! I am currently working towards my M.A. at Lincoln Christian University. Counseling can be one of the most daunting processes for people. Some bring in life’s heaviest burdens, while others might not even know where they want to start.

No matter where you are at, my desire to begin a career in counseling derives from a desire to listen to stories. We all have our own unique story and each story matters. I see no problem as “too small” and I want to be present in the weightiest of struggles. I know how scary sharing the depths of our pain with another person can be, but I also know the freedom that can come from it. I see counseling not as “an hour of advice giving,” rather as a holistic understanding of my client and partnering with them to help achieve their goals.

Before the start of this internship, I had done my practicum as one of the counselors for Lincoln Christian University where I met with college and seminary students who had sought counseling.

I am looking forward to meeting you!