Because of situations and emotions in our lives, there becomes a time when things become overwhelming, hard, and nearly impossible to manage on our own. If you have hit that point, it is important to remember you never need to experience difficulties alone. I believe everyone is the expert of themselves, and my role is to join with you in learning more about yourself, practicing new skills, and discovering the ways in which you want your life to look. Your life has meaning, and it is important. Things begin to feel less heavy when we feel we can share the burden with others. It is an honor to explore your beliefs, values, life experience, career, family, relationships, and so much more with you. My work is based around creating an environment for you to feel comfortable expressing your truest self, without judgement or criticism, to support you in what you feel is most important.

I hold a Master of Social Work degree with specializations in addictions and faith-based counseling from Aurora University, and I earned my Bachelor of Science from Purdue University. I currently am a Licensed Social Worker and a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor. I believe it is important to think about all areas of life when supporting one’s mental health, including their emotional, psychological, environmental, cultural and relational needs.

I look forward to getting to know you and your journey. I strive to pass along the hope of healing and knowledge that suffering is never designed to be permanent.