Under the supervision of Rita Rippentrop, LCPC and Alex Goreham, LCSW

Hello, my name is Susan Gibbons and I am an MA Candidate at Loyola University Chicago in the Pastoral Counseling Program. Pastoral Counseling is a clinical counseling approach that integrates spirituality into the process.

For many of us, our true self – the pearl of great price – has been lost or damaged and is what many of us are seeking to find or repair. As young people, many of us have been surrounded by people who have hurt us or tried to fit us into slots where we don’t fit. It happens in families, schools, workplaces, and religious communities and moves us further away from our true selves and our original giftedness.

“when you risk sharing what hurts the most in the presence of someone who will not invade you or abandon you, you can discover within yourself what Jesus called the pearl of great price [Matthew 13:46], your invincible preciousness in the midst of your fragility.”

Spoken by James Finley in Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditations – Sept 16, 2020

I will provide the safe space for you to risk sharing your story so you can grow in greater awareness of yourself and rediscover your precious pearl of great price that is and always has been within you.

I view counseling as a privilege and a partnership between the individual and therapist. I utilize a variety of interventions such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), Narrative, Career, and Adlerian Individual Therapy to assist each person on their journey.

There is no more important journey than that of discovering the joys of who you are, creating meaning and purpose in your life, while simultaneously enabling the expression of healthy emotions, developing more secure relationships, and managing life stressors.