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Crisis in Suburbia: The Drug Epidemic

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By Alex Goreham, LCSW, CRADC, EMDR

drug addiction

There is so much stigma surrounding drug use and drug addiction. It was often viewed as an inner-city problem faced by low-income families and young adults. In my experience, this stigma is intensified within the Evangelical Christian arena.… Read the rest →

Process Addiction: Understanding Impulsive and Addictive Behavior

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Process addictionThe concept of addiction to alcohol and other drugs is pretty well understood by most people. A chemical creates a reaction in the body that makes
us feel so good that it becomes impossible to live without it. But did you know we can react to behavioral stimuli in the exact same way?… Read the rest →

Addressing Alcoholism: How to Help Friends or Family with a Drinking Problem

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Giving adviceWe make choices every day on how to cope with stress. Some people use sports, the arts, or other hobbies to take their minds off of their problems, but what about the people who turn to alcohol? There’s a difference between having a social drink with friends after a long work week and needing alcohol to get through the day.… Read the rest →

The Stigma of Female Sex Addiction

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Stigma of Sexual AddictionIn the mind of the general population, men are the only ones who suffer from sexual addiction. David Duchovny, for example, was praised for his admission of sex addiction and seemed to use it as publicity for his television show “Californication.” However, this is not a problem that only affects one gender.… Read the rest →

Loving An Addict

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michaele-imgBy: Michael Elgersma

If someone you love is living with an addiction you may have felt, thought and done everything to try to help the situation that you could possibly feel, think or do.  And perhaps you have watched this person become someone unrecognizable to you and to themselves, a far cry from the person you knew before the addiction took control of his or her life.… Read the rest →

How Does Guilt and Shame Impact Relapse?

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by Steve Wright, LPC

As a substance abuse counselor and now a supervisor of counselors treating both substance abuse and mental illness, I hear about many different reasons clients relapse back into drinking and using drugs. Triggers that pull someone back into the life of abuse and addiction are as varied and numerous as there are people.… Read the rest →