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Forgiveness: Finding Healing Six-Week Program to Learning Forgiveness

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cara-jonesWhen you have been hurt or wounded by a difficult transgression, it can be hard to forgive. Through this six-week course, we will learn to forgive more thoroughly by aligning our hearts with God’s forgiving heart.

The “Forgiveness: Finding Healing” workshop will help each of us become a more forgiving person by focusing on a single hurt and learning a method of forgiveness that can be applied to others.… Read the rest →

Do you want to make a new habit?

By: Cara Jones MA, BCPCC, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

cara-jonesWe’ve all experienced it. Cleared the piles of paper off the kitchen counter and vowed to not let them accumulate, but here they are again. Told the dentist that, yes, we would start flossing more, but we haven’t. … Read the rest →

New Brain Health Services!

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AMPLogoColor-225x225We are proud to offer new services from a fully trained and accredited Amen Method Professional through Amen Clinics—the world leader in neuropsychiatry.  We now have access to specialized tools and resources to help assess, educate, motivate and treat adult clients struggling with brain-related conditions such as depression, anxiety, possible  ADHD, memory, brain injury, or weight issues. … Read the rest →

Managing the Emotional Impact of Chronic Pain

Those who suffer from chronic pain know the toll that it takes on our mental, emotional and spiritual beings. It’s exhausting. It drains our patience within our relationships and with life in general. It’s depressing and often times creates anxiety. We wonder: Will life always be like this?… Read the rest →

How to Slow Down Time: The Practice of Mindfulness

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707284_48050386If you’re like most people, your days race by and you often wonder where the time goes.  You may not even recall what you did a few minutes ago, or you may drive from one place to the next and not really remember the trip. Read the rest →

What’s Your Tape?

by Cara Jones, LCPC


“I can’t say no.”   

“I should do this.”

“It just has to be this way.”

“If something doesn’t turn out the way I hoped, it’s just going to be awful.” 

“I have to do everything around here. Read the rest →