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What To Do When You Hear Your Child Is Being Bullied

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Before we get started, here’s a touching and adorable anti-bullying ad Android ran during the Oscars. It will get you in the right frame of mind.


Bullying is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad thing just about every kid has to deal with as they grow up.… Read the rest →

Parenting Angry Kids

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By: Grant Stenzel, MS Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Being the parent of a child who struggles with anger can be a frustrating, isolating experience. When our kids become angry, it’s easy to think that we’re doing something wrong as parents. That’s a painful feeling.… Read the rest →

27 Questions To Ask In Lieu of “How Was School Today?”

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iStock_000036803782_smallEver ask your son or daughter “How was school today?” and they reply “fine,” or “good?” I know my kids do! Here are some other questions to ask to help you get conversation going.

  1. What made you laugh today?
  2. What did you do during gym/math/recess/lunch?
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Open and Honest: Keys to Family Success in Remarriage

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iStock_000007203609SmallThere’s nothing easy about divorce, especially when the marriage includes children. As life moves on and the healing process begins, many people begin to date and find happiness in a new relationship.

Yes, happiness is great. You’ve found love, support and a connection with someone, but how do your children feel?… Read the rest →

Cyber Bullying

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Do we really know what is happening on our children’s devices when we aren’t looking?

While cyber bullying may seem like a buzz phrase that will never impact your family, many children experience daily harassment from their peers on their tablets, smartphones and computers.… Read the rest →

A Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety (part one)

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by Grant Stenzel, LCPC

If you are reading this article I am going to assume you realize that Internet safety is vitally important for your children. I could post statistics, stories and facts to scare you about cyberbullying, predators, scams and different types of sex and pornography.… Read the rest →