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How to Spot the Warning Signs of Child Abuse

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By Rita Rippentrop, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

For the majority of us, home is somewhere we are excited to return to at the end of the day. It is a place where we feel loved, respected and safe to be ourselves.… Read the rest →

Family Time: How to Do It Well

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By Mary Hockett, MA Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor 

Why is it that families are suffering from so much stress in our society today? Why are so many children anxious and angry? Why are parents so frustrated at their children? What is happening that teachers and social workers must meet moms or dads at the curb as they coax their child out of the car to get to their school classroom?… Read the rest →

What To Do When You Hear Your Child Is Being Bullied

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Before we get started, here’s a touching and adorable anti-bullying ad Android ran during the Oscars. It will get you in the right frame of mind.


Bullying is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad thing just about every kid has to deal with as they grow up.… Read the rest →

Parenting Angry Kids

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By: Grant Stenzel, MS Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Being the parent of a child who struggles with anger can be a frustrating, isolating experience. When our kids become angry, it’s easy to think that we’re doing something wrong as parents. That’s a painful feeling.… Read the rest →

27 Questions To Ask In Lieu of “How Was School Today?”

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iStock_000036803782_smallEver ask your son or daughter “How was school today?” and they reply “fine,” or “good?” I know my kids do! Here are some other questions to ask to help you get conversation going.

  1. What made you laugh today?
  2. What did you do during gym/math/recess/lunch?
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Open and Honest: Keys to Family Success in Remarriage

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iStock_000007203609SmallThere’s nothing easy about divorce, especially when the marriage includes children. As life moves on and the healing process begins, many people begin to date and find happiness in a new relationship.

Yes, happiness is great. You’ve found love, support and a connection with someone, but how do your children feel?… Read the rest →