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Family Time: How to Do It Well

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By Mary Hockett, MA Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor 

Why is it that families are suffering from so much stress in our society today? Why are so many children anxious and angry? Why are parents so frustrated at their children? What is happening that teachers and social workers must meet moms or dads at the curb as they coax their child out of the car to get to their school classroom?… Read the rest →

How to Put a Positive Spin on Your Marriage

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Successful marriage

According to Newton, an object at rest will stay at rest unless acted on by an external force. How does this apply to a marriage? Once a spouse is firmly entrenched in a negative state of mind, it is quite difficult for them to move from it.… Read the rest →

Why do we argue if it doesn’t work?

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By Grant Stenzel, MS Licensed Professional Counselor

Arguing just doesn’t work.  We all believe that we are logical and therefore a logical argument should work.  When was the last time that you provided a very logical reason why you are right in the middle of an argument and your spouse just stopped and agreed with you? … Read the rest →

Those Lying Eyes: The Importance of Truth In Marriage

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ID-100207210While there’s plenty of deception at the center of TV and movie plots, it’s not often people “in the real world” enter a relationship or marriage with the intention of lying to or manipulating their spouse. Humans, in general, like to be considered as honest and trustworthy, especially to those they care about most.… Read the rest →

“How to Get Your Wife to Shut Up”

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A Biblical and Psychological View on How to Love Your Wife and Enjoy a Satisfying, Content Relationship

It’s a title that will capture the attention of many. And it’s not at all what it might seem…

While there’s an abundance of self-help books on marital relationships, those familiar with the self-help world know that these are frequently appreciated by a female-only audience.… Read the rest →

“WHAT is Going on In That Brain of Hers!?”: Grant Stenzel Presents “HUSBAND’S BOOT CAMP” – The Key to Navigating Life at Home

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Husbands’ Boot Camp gives you three hours of focused training on how to be a better husband.


Saturday February 9th (the Saturday AFTER the Super Bowl)
Wheaton Bible Church: 9am to Noon – $35 per person


Husbands, have you ever found yourself feeling, saying or thinking any of the following?… Read the rest →