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5 Musts for Any Parent of a Depressed Child

depressed child

It’s so difficult to be the parent of child who battles depression. On top of the pain associated with the knowledge that they’re in pain, many parents also feel personal shame that their child is not “normal,” or that they might have failed them in some way.… Read the rest →

5 Rules for Helping Your Kids Fight Fair

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It’s not a bad thing when your children fight. The conflict is an opportunity for them to learn how to resolve it. Without guidance, kids would be pretty darn terrible at conflict resolution. Thankfully, they have you to establish the rules.… Read the rest →

How to Rival Sibling Rivalries

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sux being the youngestSiblings may share genes, but they are unique individuals. These differences may be noticed early on or much later in life, but either way, they often lead to fights. Sibling rivalry is normal – no household is always like Leave It To Beaver – so it’s important for parents and siblings to know how to take on the tussle.… Read the rest →

Curse of the “Control Battle”: Using Power for the Right Reasons (pt. 1)

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by Jen DuBos MA LPC

Control is an illusion.

Some people discover this reality when a tragedy strikes and they realize that no matter how well prepared, no matter what prior knowledge they may have had, they could not affect the end result.… Read the rest →

Don’t Pull a Third Person Into Your Mess!

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By Jennifer DuBos MA LPC

Odd man out. Third wheel. Three’s a crowd.
All these sayings have one thing in common: they are communicating the awkward nature of a relationship between three people.

We all know that groups of three rarely work well because someone is always ganged up on or left out.… Read the rest →