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Facing Fears and Controlling Anxiety

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By David Tobey, MA Licensed Professional Counselor

fearsWhat’s in your closet? Were you afraid of the dark when you were a child?

I was. I remember the terror that accompanied my parents saying good night followed by the click of the light switch.… Read the rest →

5 Ways To Help Your Child Make the New School Transition

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new school

Think back to your first day at a new school. All the kids were so much bigger than you. You didn’t know where anything was. In short, it was all really scary. And that’s doubly true if you just moved to town and didn’t know anyone in the building.… Read the rest →

Back to School: Easing Your Child’s Anxiety (While Easing Your Own!)

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The heat waves have dissipated, the crowds at the pool are starting to thin and that familiar list of school supplies has arrived.  Fall is near, and it’s time to send the kids back to school.

Starting a new school year can be a source of mixed emotions for your children. … Read the rest →