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The Necessity of Emotional Regulation

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By Deepak Santhiraj, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

emotional regulationIn our societal context, we can scarcely go a day without creating an emotional response as part of our daily experience. Emotions can have a wide range of expression and intensity and simultaneously describe a spectrum of life’s experiences.Read the rest →

Spiders, Snakes, and Dealing with Irrational Fears

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By: Michael Hayes MS Licensed Professional Counselor

irrational fearsSeveral years ago, my wife Jain and I were relaxing on the back porch when I went inside to fetch an extra pillow for the hammock. As I rounded the foyer of our home, I was confronted by a 4-foot-long blacksnake stretched out on the stairway leading up to our bedroom.… Read the rest →

Managing the Emotional Impact of Chronic Pain

Those who suffer from chronic pain know the toll that it takes on our mental, emotional and spiritual beings. It’s exhausting. It drains our patience within our relationships and with life in general. It’s depressing and often times creates anxiety. We wonder: Will life always be like this?… Read the rest →