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Gifts, Gratitude, and Presence

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By Dan Phillips, MA Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

holiday gratitudeIt’s that time of year again – when the words of favorite holiday songs ring out in loud, excited tones from my kids in the backseat as we drive. Yikes! That’s right! Christmas is only a matter of days away!!… Read the rest →

Single for the Holidays

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By Grant Stenzel, MS Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

single for the holidaysThere’s a chill in the air. The presents are wrapped, you’re wearing your favorite Christmas sweater, and you’re listening to carols on the drive to your family party. You open the door, take off your coat, and like clockwork, here come the questions…

“When are you gonna get married?”

 “What happened to what’s-their-name?”

 “So you’re just gonna be single for life then?Read the rest →

The Best Christmas Smells, Ranked by Stenzel Clinical Staff

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The Best Christmas Smells, Ranked by Stenzel Clinical Staff

Certain holiday lists are everywhere. The best Christmas song is debated all over the Internet (the obvious answer is “Silent Night,” by the way) and the best Christmas movie is as well (we’ve seen the ‘Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?’ debate ruin entire holidays).… Read the rest →

Serving and Gratitude: Opening the Door for Joy in Our Own Lives

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FullSizeRender5By Grant Stenzel, MS Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

The holidays seem to be here before we realize it every year. We all want this season to be full of joy and peace, but instead many of us feel anxious and discontented.… Read the rest →

Give to Receive: The Best Way to Pay It Forward this Holiday Season

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iStock_000040170326LargeYou’ve been out all day shopping in crowded malls, navigating terrible traffic, and you’re chilled to the bone. A hot latte is just what you need. When you pull up to the Starbucks drive-thru, there’s a line stretching out of the parking lot.… Read the rest →