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Youth and the Digital Age

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Deepak Santhiraj

By Deepak Santhiraj, MSW Licensed Clinical Social Worker

The Effect of Technology on Adolescents

In viewing the contemporary youth outlook in America, unique challenges kids face on a daily basis are apparent: conflicts with peers and parents combine with daily pressures to form a ceaseless helping of stress.Read the rest →

High Speed Comparison: How the Internet Impacts Self Worth

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Mature woman sitting on her couch using her laptop computer

With the Internet at our fingertips, it’s tough to feel stumped. For every burning question or trivial inquiry, there’s an answer to be found online—provided you do enough digging. However, even the Internet gets frazzled when faced with more abstract propositions.… Read the rest →

Just a Facebook Message or Something More? Examining Online Infidelity

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iStock_000011126355LargeWith the rise of Internet access and social media, cheating has gone beyond the seedy motel to the growing trend of online infidelity. According to the American Psychological Association, Americans spend at least 13 hours a week online—as much time as they spend watching TV.… Read the rest →

Cyber Bullying

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Do we really know what is happening on our children’s devices when we aren’t looking?

While cyber bullying may seem like a buzz phrase that will never impact your family, many children experience daily harassment from their peers on their tablets, smartphones and computers.… Read the rest →