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Defining Borderline Personality Disorder

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by Jennifer DuBos, MA LPC

imgresThe recent signing of receiver Brandon Marshall to the Chicago Bears has created a new wave of public interest in Borderline Personality Disorder due to his own diagnosis and advocacy.

Personality disorders receive little attention from the media or the entertainment industry.… Read the rest →

Curse of the “Control Battle”: Using Power for the Right Reasons (pt. 1)

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by Jen DuBos MA LPC

Control is an illusion.

Some people discover this reality when a tragedy strikes and they realize that no matter how well prepared, no matter what prior knowledge they may have had, they could not affect the end result.… Read the rest →

The Three Year Twitch: How to keep your marriage from ending before it’s even begun (pt. 2)

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by Jen DuBos, MA LPC

We’ve talked about some causes of The Three year Twitch so you can spot the warning signs – now let’s talk about some strategies you and your spouse can do to limit insecurities and keep The Three Year Twitch to a minimum.… Read the rest →

Self-Harm: Why We Do It and How To Stop

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By Jennifer A. DuBos, MA LPC

The subject of self-injury, or cutting as most people generically refer to it, is something that can turn any parent’s stomach. We think “What could have happened to my child that would be bad enough to make her want to cut herself?”

Cutting, or self-injury, has seen a dramatic rise in occurrence and awareness over the last five years, but the practice of self-harm is by no means a new phenomenon.… Read the rest →

Don’t Pull a Third Person Into Your Mess!

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By Jennifer DuBos MA LPC

Odd man out. Third wheel. Three’s a crowd.
All these sayings have one thing in common: they are communicating the awkward nature of a relationship between three people.

We all know that groups of three rarely work well because someone is always ganged up on or left out.… Read the rest →