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“WHAT is Going on In That Brain of Hers!?”: Grant Stenzel Presents “HUSBAND’S BOOT CAMP” – The Key to Navigating Life at Home

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Husbands’ Boot Camp gives you three hours of focused training on how to be a better husband.


Saturday February 9th (the Saturday AFTER the Super Bowl)
Wheaton Bible Church: 9am to Noon – $35 per person


Husbands, have you ever found yourself feeling, saying or thinking any of the following?… Read the rest →

How to Let Your Husband Really Be a Man: A Look at Communication in Relationships

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No more than 100 years ago, relationships looked very different.

Fulfilling their desire to hunt, protect and act as a hero, men were often out of the home providing food and other necessities for their family. Women, who are more nurturing by nature, would focus on creating and maintaining a peaceful, pleasant home.… Read the rest →