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Listening Well for Relational Intimacy

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By Deepak Santhiraj, MSW Licensed Clinical Social Worker

relational intimacyWithin the realm of relationships, feelings of intimacy and closeness are fostered through responsive and empathic listening. This relational skill set is at the core of fostering dynamic and critical communication patterns for relational health.Read the rest →

The Nest Is Empty and So Are We: Returning to Life as a Couple Once the Children Move On (Part 1)

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Though the amount of time varies on how long couples wait to have children, it is safe to say that the minimum of 18 years a couple spends parenting greatly outweighs the time they initially spend as a couple, focused simply on the relationship between the two of them.… Read the rest →

Finding Your Love Language: Five Steps to Showing You Care

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Last week I addressed conflict in couples’ relationships: how to remind yourself that your partner is not your sworn enemy while going through tough times, and how to show vulnerability to your partner, helping them to understand that you really do care.… Read the rest →

You Are Not My Enemy

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by Grant Stenzel, MS LCPC

Sometimes in our sessions at Stenzel Clinical, it’s not unusual for us to ask couples to stand in front of each other and say this phrase:

“You are not my enemy.”

It’s not just a mantra but the beginning of trying to get each spouse to show greater fragility.… Read the rest →