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Dos & Don’ts for Parents of Self-Injurers

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achurchillby: Amy Churchill

Self-injury (SI) has become a common way of coping for teens. Although self-injury is not a new trend, it is a current one and parents of teens who self-injure are still left with many questions and concerns. If you discover your teen is self-injuring there are certain things you can do to that will be more helpful for your child.… Read the rest →

Self-Harm: Why We Do It and How To Stop

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By Jennifer A. DuBos, MA LPC

The subject of self-injury, or cutting as most people generically refer to it, is something that can turn any parent’s stomach. We think “What could have happened to my child that would be bad enough to make her want to cut herself?”

Cutting, or self-injury, has seen a dramatic rise in occurrence and awareness over the last five years, but the practice of self-harm is by no means a new phenomenon.… Read the rest →