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The Biggest Problem Christians Don’t Talk About

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By Grant Stenzel, MS Licensed Clinical Professional CounselorBiggest Problem Christians Don't Talk About

As a general rule, addictions are pretty much equal opportunity. Men and women are equally susceptible to them. And process addictions (gambling, eating, spending, sex) are no exception.

Marnie Ferree, a pioneer in the treatment of female sex and relationship addicts, calls sex the fastest growing addiction in the country, and the addiction of choice among Christians. … Read the rest →

A Stereotype Smashed: Women Struggle With Sex Addiction Too.

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by Priscilla Dean, LPC

When someone says the words, “sexual addiction,” most people automatically think of men who seek out prostitutes or men who have continuous affairs—certainly not women and particularly not Christian women.

However, this stereotypical assumption is completely false.Read the rest →