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Process Addiction: Understanding Impulsive and Addictive Behavior

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Process addictionThe concept of addiction to alcohol and other drugs is pretty well understood by most people. A chemical creates a reaction in the body that makes
us feel so good that it becomes impossible to live without it. But did you know we can react to behavioral stimuli in the exact same way?… Read the rest →

After the Break Up: How to FREE Yourself from Heartbreak

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file0001453400651-2The relationship is over, but you’re left with emotional baggage. Whether the break up was for the best or the worst, you may find yourself adopting new habits in an attempt to manage your feelings. Maybe you’re going out more to try to find a new distraction, or you’re isolating yourself by staying in and watching too many re-runs of Friends.… Read the rest →

Addressing Alcoholism: How to Help Friends or Family with a Drinking Problem

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Giving adviceWe make choices every day on how to cope with stress. Some people use sports, the arts, or other hobbies to take their minds off of their problems, but what about the people who turn to alcohol? There’s a difference between having a social drink with friends after a long work week and needing alcohol to get through the day.… Read the rest →