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Talking to Teens: Parents’ Guide for Discussing the Big Issues

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As yoson and  mother having serious talkingur kids transition from childhood to their teens, it’s important to continue communicating even if it may be more difficult. They’re gaining responsibility and becoming self-sufficient, making them less inclined to ask for their parents’ advice. If you’re finding that your kids don’t come to you as much anymore, there are a few ways to re-open the paths of communication.… Read the rest →

What’s Up With My Teen?: How Brain Development Affects Adolescent Behavior

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by Ryan Thill, LPC

Adolescence can be a time of joy, excitement, and trials. One moment adolescents can be wonderful individuals with incredible potential and the next, they can make an inexplicable decision. We all have been there where we look at our child and say ‘what were you thinking?’

Adolescents seem to make decisions void of any logic and parents are left wondering how they will keep their sanity.… Read the rest →

Making The Change from Parent to Peer

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by Jen DuBos, LPC

How to transition your relationship with your child as they become adults

The transition from the role of parent to peer in the life of your now-adult child, and visa versa, is a delicate process that is only getting more complicated for families as societal roles and expectations continue to evolve.… Read the rest →