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What To Expect When Your Child Goes To Therapy

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If you think your child might need a therapist, you may have hesitated in the past because you weren’t sure exactly what to expect. So we wanted to create a video that takes a look at what parents (and kids) can expect from their sessions.

Working with kids looks a lot different than working with adults. If your child begins therapy, it’s safe to expect an adjustment period. But soon, they look forward to their session and the time to play and chat.

The activities our therapists plan is fully intentional. Where your child sees it as fun, they’re doing positive work on themselves at the same time. With our counseling and practice with you at home, they begin to express, process and manage their emotions in a healthy way.

If you have additional questions about child therapy at Stenzel Clinical, please do not hesitate to ask them! We are here to help however we can.