spiritual direction

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is a spiritual discipline that can be defined in a variety of ways.  We like to think of it in terms of soul care from one Christ-follower (director) to another (directee) for the purpose of examining, strengthening and making more intimate one’s relationship with God. The spiritual director, through the practice of holy listeninghelps the directee to pay attention to and discern the movements of God in his/her daily life.

The director and directee meet together in the presence of God, with the session being led by the Holy Spirit of God. As we companion together, the director encourages and emboldens, invites and inquires rather than prescribes and gives advice. It is a time for the directee to be fully heard and be given the time and space to be joined and supported in his/her desire to know and to love God more.

The primary goal of spiritual direction is growth. Growth in surrender; growth in awareness; growth in trust; growth in one’s sense of belovedness; growth in love for the Lord; growth in Christ-likeness and growth in overall spiritual maturity. In this process, we seek to bring who we really are and where we really are into the light of God’s love and mercy and to grow up into the fullness of life Christ longs for us to know.

Spiritual direction is not discipleship, instruction or advice giving. It is not counseling or therapy. Although there are elements of these things that surface, our goal is not to solve particular problems. The goal is to grow closer to the Lord.

As Christians, we are all on a journey; a journey meant to be lived out in authentic, accountable community.  Spiritual direction is just one tool, but an important time-tested tool, in support of this journey. We look forward to companioning with you.

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