Office Policies

Unattended Children – In the waiting room, all children age 13 and under that are not receiving treatment should be accompanied by an adult at all times. Please remember we have clients in session, so please keep your voices down.

Inclement Weather – In the event of rain or snow conditions that make it difficult to arrive at the office for a scheduled appointment, notify your therapist as soon as possible that you will be late or unable to make your appointment. If the therapist feels it is clinically appropriate, a phone session will be offered. (For a child’s appointment, a parental consult session will be offered by phone.) If you decline to utilize the offered phone session, the usual late cancellation fee of $80.00 will apply.

Cancellation / Missed Appointment – An $85.00 fee will be charged to your account unless we receive 24 hour notification for all canceled/missed appointments.

Weapons Policy – Clients are not allowed to bring weapons into a therapy session. The therapist has the authority to ask the client to reschedule the session and/or leave the premises. The therapist is also permitted to notify the appropriate authorities in order to protect their own safety and the safety of other staff and clients.

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