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Common Misunderstandings about Counseling

Counseling is a sign of weakness
If actually facing emotions that cause you pain (as opposed to running from them) is weakness, then yes. Dealing with problems and emotions head-on is difficult and challenging and is not for the faint of heart. So we would say the weak need not apply. It takes a lot of strength to admit you need help and seek it.

Counseling is only for crazy people
Yes and no. If you believe that everyone is crazy then yes. Everyone has issues coping with life. Human beings are emotional, irrational beings that need help dealing with this fragile, crazy life here on earth.

Counseling is only for women, or men who are “in touch” with their feelings
Being a woman or a person who’s in touch with your feelings helps but, if anyone needs counseling, it is the man who doesn’t know he has feelings or what to do if he accidentally feels them. We can help men understand their emotions and have better relationships with their wives and kids without emasculating them. Most men who come here say that, although they didn’t want to come at first, they didn’t want to stop coming back after their first session.

Counselors have all the answers
Oh, how we wish this was true! We have issues just like everyone else. This is why we are so empathetic; we have been through a lot in our lives, so we know pain, sorrow, addiction, mental illness, grief, anxiety and depression. We have walked through these things and found healing for ourselves. This is what makes us good counselors.

Counseling is advice giving
Nope. Your friends give you advice, even if you don’t ask for it. We are here to help you learn to solve your problems yourself. We are here as coaches, guiding and encouraging you down the road of healing. We are here to understand what you have been through and walk with you to where you are going.

Counseling is the last resort
No, No, NO!!!! What if your car had smoke coming out of the engine? Would you only take it to the mechanic as a last resort? And what would it cost you at that point? You would have done more damage. The same is true with counseling. The sooner the better and regular maintenance is helpful. Why do more damage to a relationship, create deeper depression or find more things to be anxious about first? Come in as soon as possible, it will make everyone’s job easier.

Counseling is not confidential
This is a great fear for many people. However, our records are kept in a locked room. The only exceptions to confidentiality are if there is danger of harm (if you say that you plan to hurt yourself, someone else, or someone is hurting you). The only other exception to confidentiality is insurance. We provide your insurance company with only the amount of information needed. If you are concerned about your privacy with your insurance company, we can simply bill you. Though this option may be more expensive for you, it ensures greater confidentiality.