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With offices in Wheaton, Naperville, Geneva and Schaumburg, Stenzel Clinical Services provides individual counseling and therapy, family counseling, group counseling, marriage counseling, and Christian Counseling. We also offer online counseling if you cannot attend sessions in person.

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February 12, 2018

The Secret to Getting to Know Your Children

By Grant Stenzel, MS Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor Do you know what your children like to do in their free time? The hobbies they enjoy when you’re not around? You might be surprised how many parents don’t. Taking an active interest in your child’s life not only helps their emotional growth, but it just might become one

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February 05, 2018

Mental Health Myths: Barriers to a Happier You

By Grant Stenzel, MS Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor There are many sources for mental health myths. In fact, we’re bombarded by them in ads, books, social media and pop culture. For the average person, these references do no real harm. But for people in need, they can be dangerous. They can keep them from seeking help

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February 01, 2018

Therapy Isn't For The Weak

Only crazy people need therapy. You’re not crazy. Don’t be a baby. You can heal yourself. Whatever mental health stigmas you encounter, remember: None of them are true. Counseling and therapy can change your life, and you deserve the peace that comes with having

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January 17, 2018

Break the Grip of Cabin Fever

By Grant Stenzel, MS Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor Winter has settled in and it will be months before it releases its icy grip on our bodies…and our minds. Winter means less sunlight per day and many more hours spent indoors. The restlessness and boredom that result from being confined can make almost all of us irritable.

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January 05, 2018

5 Ways To Make This Year Better Than Last Year

By Grant Stenzel, MS Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor Whether you call it a resolution or goal, the New Year naturally sparks change in our lives. Some resolutions are too focused on a number (“lose X pounds!” “make $$$$!”), so remember: If you want to make a change, it’s as simple as forming a good habit and losing an old

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