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Grant Stenzel speaks at Compass Church!

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Parents, if you’re concerned about how to help your children deal with their emotions (and what parent isn’t?) as well as learning more about how to protect your kids when they go online, don’t miss these two fantastic opportunities to hear Grant Stenzel speak.

Sunday, January 15th

Is your child seeming to be unusually moody? Do they have greater anxiety about something but just aren’t opening up about it? Is their anger becoming more frequent? Don’t get frustrated. Grant will give you real strategies you can walk away with and start utilizing so your child can feel more in control of their emotions. And see you as more of an ally in that process.

Sunday, January 22nd

Grant has frequently spoken on the topic of Internet Safety and often speaks from the real-world experience with his own children. While you probably don’t want to ban your child from going online, as a parent you naturally want to keep them from harm. Where’s the balance? The tips you’ll find Grant sharing here will help provide best-of-both-worlds situations for you and your children in which they can go online while respecting your rules for doing so.

Both events are FREE and will be at The Compass Church during the 9:30am and 11am services. That’s 1551 E. Hobson Road in Naperville. If you have any questions about attending, call Stenzel Clinical at 630.588.1201.