Hello! My name is Kelly, and I am an intern here at Stenzel Clinical Services. I am currently pursuing my M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago.

I know counseling can be a daunting endeavor, but I believe it can be a rewarding one also. Stepping out and sharing your story with another person is quite courageous. My goal is to cultivate this safe space, for you to share your journey with me, and foster an environment for healing, self-discovery, and growth for you, throughout the therapeutic process.

I use a combination approach to counseling, focusing on each individual and their needs. This more person-centered approach to counseling, combined with other modalities and techniques, will help support each of my clients, given their own personal beliefs, values, and goals.

It would be a privilege to come alongside you to learn your story, collaborate with you as you pursue areas of healing, wellness, and growth, and offer support and hope during this season in your life’s journey.