Winnie (aka “Winnie the Pooh”) is a three-year-old purebred yellow Labrador Retriever. She was originally bred and raised to become a loved family dog, but like so many of us, Winnie had a career change. When Winnie’s handler, Eric, observed how she interacted with his young sons, he knew that Winne was destined for a new role in life.  

After learning about the different opportunities available, it became apparent that Winnie’s temperament, personality, and ability to recognize emotions in others were in line for therapy dog work! Winnie’s special power is her natural ability to empathize and provide love and support to those she meets. She has a calming nature about her that helps decrease stress and anxiety that may occur in the therapy room.  

She is an adventure-loving, playful, and curious pup who enjoys everyone she encounters. Winnie is passionate about belly rubs, gives big smiles, and defends her family home from squirrels. Despite her large dog status, Winne believes she is a lap dog and would like nothing more than to curl up next to you on the couch. She loves therapy work because she gets to meet new humans and provides support and care whenever possible. She is owned and loved by the Westman family and would LOVE to meet you! 

Eric Westman is Winnie’s handler who is a licensed professional counselor at Stenzel Clinical Services