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New Brain Health Services!

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AMPLogoColor-225x225We are proud to offer new services from a fully trained and accredited Amen Method Professional through Amen Clinics—the world leader in neuropsychiatry.  We now have access to specialized tools and resources to help assess, educate, motivate and treat adult clients struggling with brain-related conditions such as depression, anxiety, possible  ADHD, memory, brain injury, or weight issues. This treatment is most appropriate for those who haven’t responded to prior treatment, whose situation is complicated, or who feel that their situation hasn’t been properly understood.

At the foundation of this approach is a sophisticated nuclear medicine imaging test referred to as a SPECT, or Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography.  This test shows blood flow to different parts of the brain that relate to behavior to determine which parts are working well, working too hard, and those that are not working hard enough.

These tests are expensive, not available everywhere, and therefore, not widely accessible.  Dr. Daniel Amen (author of many books such as Change your Brain, Change your Life), is a pioneer in this field and has amassed a database of over 100,000 scans on patients of all ages as well as many healthy people to learn about the connection of brain function to behavior. From this database, Dr. Amen has developed written assessment tools that are now available here at Stenzel Clinical.

These self-reported assessments assist us in developing a more complete clinical understanding of someone’s situation.  We can sit with our clients and take a look at color photos of what a SPECT scan would likely show based on Dr. Amen’s findings.

Seeing a picture of how your brain may be functioning in the midst of your ongoing and difficult-to-treat depression, for example, can be powerful.  After going through the assessment process, we might find that the most likely direction to pursue would be to treat a depression originating in the prefrontal cortex and deep limbic system.  From there, additional sub-types could help direct us further.

If brain injury has occurred, we will be able to get a better idea of what impact that may be having.  Repetitive injury, like from sports, can leave lasting damage without you knowing. Major damage that you are more likely to remember, such as a car wreck, can also be treated with Dr. Amen’s method.  We will talk about the areas of the brain that seem to be strengths, and those that need to be the focus of treatment.

In addition to the initial education, seeing brain pictures helps reduce the stigma that can be associated with mental and emotional struggles.  These are brain issues, and seeing the likely parts that are over or under functioning brings some sense of relief.  Self-forgiveness can start for those who impose great personal blame or feel shame about their struggles.  Seeing the SPECT photo also helps you understand how certain treatments are likely to be most beneficial and will increase motivation to both begin and stick with treatment.  If we’re working with a physician for medication, we can be more targeted in our recommendations and share the information we’ve gathered with our client.

Based on the results, treatments for common struggles like depression, anxiety, and ADD will continue to include exercise, diet, sleep, and relaxation.  The results will help target the best counseling interventions.  You will also have a financial discount to targeted herbal remedies and access to a comprehensive website for enhancing brain activity, logging, and monitoring your progress in all of your treatment areas.

We want everyone to live with a healthier brain, and for those of you that continue to struggle and find treatment hard to comply with, this may be a new route for you to pursue.  If you’re already seeing a Stenzel therapist, talk to him or her about the possibility for a consultation on Dr. Amen’s treatment.  If you’re new to Stenzel Clinical, mention your interest in Brain Health when you contact us, and we’ll get you directed to the right place.