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An Apology To Cubs Fans

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IMG_0195_edit-375x281To the Cubs fans, I’m sorry. I was wrong.

13 months ago, I published Why Being a Cubs Fan May Be Bad for Your Mental Health. It was a bit tongue-in-cheek and also a bit true. I was interviewed on the radio and in the paper because of the hot take. Skip Bayless would have been proud.

But wouldn’t you know it; the 2016 Chicago Cubs were special. For perhaps the first time in the past 108 years, the North Side legitimately had the best team in the league.

They were well constructed, well coached, and talented. As they ignored the demons of their past, they re-taught me a few lessons about being human.

Scoff at curses and superstition.

Those things are not real.

With hard work and perseverance, we take control of our own lives. Blaming things beyond our control is a crutch that holds us back from being our healthiest selves.

Be present.

Every one of us has past failures.

These failures have the power to paralyze if they’re dwelled upon for too long. Focus on this moment. Be present in what you’re trying to accomplish.

Keep things light, no matter what.

Joe Maddon might be a leadership genius.

The Cubs manager always made sure the team had fun with the huge expectations. His preseason slogan was “Try not to suck.” He made his guys dress in ridiculous costumes on flights home. He never got too up or too down.

No matter how bleak things might seem, it’s important to find the fun in each day.

Miracles can happen.

Are they likely? Definitely not. That’s why we call them miracles. But with perseverance and hope, change is possible.

Hope wins.

This is the biggest lesson of all. Hope is such a wonderful part of being human. It can be found, lost, and found again as quickly as it was in Game 7.

Whether it’s a broken relationship or a Rajai Davis home run down the left field line, I would bet there’s at least one thing in your life that has made you lose hope.

Hear this:

You can always find hope again, be it during a heaven-sent rain delay or counseling here at Stenzel Clinical.

The Chicago Cubs are World Series Champions.

It still sounds a little crazy when you say it out loud.

It’s a beautiful Friday in early November. The Cubs celebrate their title today with a jubilant city. So from this White Sox fan to any Cubs fans who might be reading, well done! I am beyond happy to see this weight lifted from your shoulders.