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5 Ways to Support a Loved One with an Eating Disorder

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Supporting a friend

By Priscilla Dean, MA Licensed Professional Counselor

Being a parent, family member or friend of someone struggling with an eating disorder is never easy. Many people worry about a loved one’s health, but they also don’t know how they can help.… Read the rest →

Avoiding End-of-Winter Blues and Overeating

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Everyone knows the feeling once winter has overstayed its welcome. There are certain days where you can run down a list of feelings you have and have the list read like a Charles Dickens novel: Groggy. Tired. Irritable. Downtrodden. Hungry.

Although March 20 is the first day of spring and days are already getting longer, seasonal affective disorder can still end up being a struggle through the remaining cold days.… Read the rest →

Fighting “The Negative Mind” of an Eating Disorder

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by Priscilla Dean, Masters Intern

I have always felt deeply for those who suffer with an eating disorder. In my years of high school and college, I have come in contact with many close friends and extended family members who suffer from this horrendous illness.… Read the rest →