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It’s Time To Face Our Fears

Woman snorkeling with whale sharkBy Dan Gleason, MA Licensed Professional Counselor 

Everyone has fears. Heck, I’m afraid of sharks. My fascination with the ocean is accompanied by what I consider a (hopefully) healthy fear of sharks. I have had nightmares of being stranded in the ocean. In them, I can feel myself bobbing up and down in the waves. I can only see by the dim light of a clouded moon and distant lightning. Then, something approaches underneath me. Something massive…


Fear is an important survival mechanism. When a car comes into our lane too quickly and threatens to hit ours, that feeling of fear helps us react quickly, makes us hyper-vigilant, and can save our lives.

But what if one of our fears is constant?

Some people have fears that haunt them throughout the day, often at times when it doesn’t seem useful or relevant. My fear of sharks is either during a nightmare, while I have been out on a boat in the ocean, or when I look at the absolutely terrifying picture to the right (nightmare fuel!). But if my fear of sharks haunts me while I’m in class, or at Starbucks, it’s invading my life. If these invasions persisted, it would become distressing and cause me a lot of unnecessary suffering.

Do you or someone you know battle a fear that seems to never leave? Maybe of snakes, spiders, germs, clowns, or crowds? Sometimes these fears become so overbearing that people are afraid to leave their own houses. Often, the people who have these fears know that the fears are unreasonable or exaggerated. They may cause conflict with loved ones or co-workers, sleeplessness, confusion, and even panic attacks. You are not alone. Most people who have these sorts of fears do not know what to do to reduce the suffering it causes them.

It’s time to face our fears. We can do it together.

At Stenzel Clinical, we can help you face these fears in small doses and take your life back. Step by step, we can collaboratively build a plan that will help reduce anxiety and bring relief. We are here to serve you, and we’re ready to walk with you toward healing and freedom.

“The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

-Nelson Mandela