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The Power of Giving

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b_084831-2It is better to give than receive—especially when it comes to your mental health. Along with making the world a better place, giving to others really can improve your personal well-being.

There is a sense of gratitude that comes from setting aside time to consider others less fortunate and sharing what you have with them. Charity also helps to push your focus outward. Anxiety and depression are self-focused conditions that involve obsessing over what you don’t have and what you could lose. Giving is all about putting your energy into others peoples’ needs, an ideal way to push back personal concerns and gain perspective.

Giving doesn’t just have to be monetary. Donating your time is just as—and often more—valuable. Whether you struggle with anxiety and depression or not, joining an organization that allows you to give back regularly is a great step toward a healthier self-esteem.