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Helping People Navigate Successfully Through a Divorce

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Heads up, Christian counseling professionals! Grant Stenzel will present a free CEU event at Linden Oaks Outpatient Center on Friday, January 27.

The event, “Helping People Navigate Successfully Through a Divorce,” will discuss techniques for helping clients through this difficult time.

Grant’s two-hour presentation will cover handling the grief, guilt and anxiety that are often byproducts of divorce. You will also hear practical ways you can help clients adjust to this new life.

CEU course objectives

  • Review the common symptomologies of recently divorced individuals.
  • Discuss techniques for diagnosing and treating anxiety and depression in the unique adjustments of recently divorced individuals.
  • Discuss techniques for dealing with common emotional disturbances found in recently divorced individuals.
  • Become aware of new ways of coping and adjusting to life for recently divorced individuals.
  • Talk through different parenting techniques that can help parents assist their children through divorce.

To read detailed location information and to register online, click here.

Whether you are a counselor looking for help on this matter or someone personally navigating a divorce, our door is always open. Get in touch with us here.