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Be Thinkful

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Turkey, mash potatoes and gravy, loved ones and Black Friday sales—what’s not to love about Thanksgiving? While good food and great sales is something to celebrate, let’s take a step back this November and remember what the holidays are really about.… Read the rest →

Coping With Conflict in the Church

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Have you ever been hurt by someone in the church?

In the following video, Grant takes a look at different ways conflict can happen within a church organization, and what you should do if you encounter treatment you feel is unfair or hurtful.… Read the rest →

Managing and Interpreting Anger

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Throughout the day, any number of the things we encounter can make us angry: from being cut off in traffic to times we don’t see eye-to-eye with our spouse. We do not need to let that anger overwhelm us, control us or ruin our day.… Read the rest →

Navigating Cultural Media: Kids and Social Media

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Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, online gaming… The world our children are growing up in is quite different from the one we experienced as children.

Grant recently presented “Navigating Cultural Media”: a seminar designed to teach parents how to keep their kids safe while using each of these applications.… Read the rest →