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The Wonder Drug? A Wonder Dog.

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She works 30 hours a week at Stenzel Clinical. When she’s present in sessions, she opens up conversations and makes clients feel more at ease. They feel comfortable and trust her almost immediately.

She’s Talitha, a shepherd/lab mix who is certified with Therapy Dogs International and owned by Stenzel counselor Suzanne Clarey. Suzanne talked with The Glancer this month about pet therapy and how Talitha connects with clients to create a uniquely therapeutic environment.

“Dogs are non-judgmental and an accepting presence. They intuitively know what people need more than people do sometimes. It’s remarkable that a dog can sometimes do things that I cannot.”

– Suzanne Clarey, Stenzel Clinical Counselor (and Tali’s owner)

Enjoy this article and learn how animals like Tali help in healing.