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There IS a Cure For the Summertime Blues: 3 Tips For Surviving Summer With the Kids

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1068543_26845306Though we usually experience an enthusiastic greeting of summer, some of us find that it can grow to wear on us as the longer days pass. The changes to the school and activity schedule we’ve become accustomed to, the full weekends and having the kids home can get a little stressful for all involved.

To get you through, we thought we’d offer a few suggestions for parents and children, alike, to help fill those long summer days… and bring you closer at the same time!

#1: The Family Vacation

The classic family vacation doesn’t have to be a thing of the past! Sure – gas prices are at epic levels, airport security makes air travel a pain, Mom and Dad often are both working and the kids are packed with activities, but summer vacations are not only still doable – they are important. The time you get to spend with your children bonding, the break from the everyday hustle and the memories formed truly last a lifetime.

The traditional vacations are still as valuable to kids as ever: Disney, beach destinations or The Wisconsin Dells. But if you’re on a budget, there are still fun and relaxing ways to make the most of your time off together. Visiting and staying with family, camping out, house swapping or sharing expenses with another family for a joint vacation can be equally (if not more) rewarding. Think outside the box, and you’re sure to come up with some exciting ideas.

#2: Get OUT

Not only should you be sure to get away, but you should be sure that both you and the kids are getting out as well. As the trend of children being more and more sedentary grows: staying inside to play video games, surf the internet or watch TV, it can be more and more difficult to get them outside.

Sign your kids up for sports, swimming lessons or summer camp. Organize outdoor activities with the family: picnics, bike rides, outdoor games, hikes, barbeques or visits to local parks and zoos. Engage kids in outdoor activities by getting them some outdoor gear: sidewalk chalk, playground balls, bikes, skates or water toys. Limit the time your kids spend glued to their various screens and insist upon them playing outside. This will be good for parents and kids alike.

#3: Rainy Day Fun

It’s especially easy to give in to technology and zoning out come rainy days. But don’t let yourself. Rainy days are perfect opportunities to bond as a family. Think back to favorite childhood board games, and play them with your kids. Have a movie day: make snacks and watch films together. Work on household projects together, allowing the children creative input. Out of ideas? Look to Pinterest for great home improvement and craft projects.

Each of these things listed above can be fun and exciting and provide perfect opportunities for bonding and sharing quality time together.

What now?

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