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How To Turn Things Around When You’re Having the Worst. Day. EVER

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Young business man under stress with headache and migraine

We all have them. Days when all you want to do is lay in bed, but life won’t let you. Days when you get in a big fight over something small. Days that make you wish it were socially acceptable to walk around wearing boxing gloves.

During the worst day ever, it’s tempting to shield yourself from everyone, veg out, and seek junky short-term gratification. The problem is, doing that makes you feel worse instead of better. Not ideal.

Instead, do as many of the following things as you have the stomach to do. You might drag your feet as you go, but you’ll wind up feeling a little better once it’s done.

How To Turn Things Around

Socialize. Close Facebook and put the phone on Airplane mode if you have to. Face-to-face contact with family and friends is a natural pick-me-up.

Make a gratitude list. Grant did this once and finally called it quits once his list had 600 items and his wrist was about to fall off. Make your list with pen and paper or in a spreadsheet—really, whatever you’re comfortable with. You’ll be amazed by all the good things in your life.

Exercise. A strenuous workout is an amazing mood-booster. And if you’re really craving those boxing gloves, now’s your chance! There’s absolutely nothing like whaling on a heavy bag until you can barely stand.

Eat an apple. Healthy snacking and meals are a good call when your day is dragging, but for real, grab an apple. You’ll wake up and have a more natural boost than you’d get with caffeine.

Create. Don’t consume. TV can wait. For now, do something that will make your brain happy. Cook, practice an instrument, write, paint, knit, or do any other creative exercise you love.

Serve others. A big part of having a bad day is feeling the immense weight of your problems on your shoulders. But helping others with their own problems has a way of lessening the impact of your own.

Pray or meditate. This isn’t just for the early morning. Intentional, distraction-free prayer or meditation is powerful.

Talk to us. Sometimes the worst day ever just keeps happening. If you battle depression, anxiety, or any other mental health issue, schedule a sit down with us at Stenzel Clinical. It is literally why we exist. We are here to help you turn tomorrow around.