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Family Rules: 4 Reasons They Work and Tips to Create Them for Your Family

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by: Amy Churchill, MS Licensed Professional Counselor

iStock_000008737101SmallDo you have a known set of family rules? Are your kids aware of what they can and cannot do, as well as what consequences will be given for unacceptable behaviors? Having a set of explained rules can greatly improve family functioning.… Read the rest →

Dos & Don’ts for Parents of Self-Injurers

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achurchillby: Amy Churchill

Self-injury (SI) has become a common way of coping for teens. Although self-injury is not a new trend, it is a current one and parents of teens who self-injure are still left with many questions and concerns. If you discover your teen is self-injuring there are certain things you can do to that will be more helpful for your child.… Read the rest →

“Is This Just a Phase?” – Tips to Help Decide If Your Child Needs Counseling

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achurchillBy: Amy Churchill

One if the most common questions I hear from parents is: “How do I know if this is just a phase?”.

Whether it’s regarding tantrums, separation anxiety, sleep disruptions, hyperactivity, attention seeking or any other undesirable behavior- parents often struggle with knowing if and when such issues will pass by themselves, or if it is time to bring their kids to counseling.… Read the rest →

The Self-Esteem Builder Checklist

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by Amy Churchill, LPC

I recently spoke to group of parents about how to help promote self-esteem in the home. Although social pressures and competition are not new concepts, these self-esteem deflators are definitely magnified in today’s generation of children. The pressures to stand out, be the best, or be “perfect,” are all messages children are receiving from their outside worlds.… Read the rest →

Understanding Your Role in Shaping Your Child’s Behavior, part 2

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by Amy Churchill, LPC

In Part 1 of this article, I defined 4 important ways that parent can help shape their children’s behaviors: Validation, Reinforcement, Modeling, and Punishment. Now we will explore how these techniques can be used in real life examples. … Read the rest →

Understanding Your Role in Shaping your Child’s Behavior, Part 1.

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by: Amy Churchill, LPC

There are several defined ways that parents can help shape their children’s behavioral responses, as well as help their children feel understood. I’d like to take a look at those with you in this article, with a second section that will further explain these reinforcement methods through common real life examples, in order to help you be prepared to implement these techniques with your own children.… Read the rest →