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Online Counseling

Stenzel Clinical now offers online counseling in Illinois.

In-person counseling is a proven and effective way to stabilize and improve mental health. But sometimes, circumstances make it difficult to receive that counseling face-to-face.

Perhaps you have a disability that prohibits it, or you don’t currently have a car or other reliable transportation, or you live too far away to make it work. For these circumstances, we recommend you take a look at online counseling in Illinois.

Stenzel Clinical operates in the Land of Lincoln, and if you live in the state as well, we are ready and able to offer you online, mental health therapy. It’s completely safe and secure, and all you need is an Internet connection, some simple free software and a desire to work on your mental health.

Ready to find out more? The following Stenzel Clinical therapists offer online therapy.

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Online Counseling in Illinois FAQ

Why should I choose online counseling?
If you have a choice between having an in-person or online therapist, we recommend you choose in-person. But the fact is, some circumstances make it necessary for you to have an online counselor. Maybe you suffer from agoraphobia, or you don’t have reliable transportation. In these cases, an online therapist is a great fit.

How does eCounseling work?
The same way an in-person counseling session does, only this is done through a computer screen in the privacy of your own home. Once you have your therapist, your session time is a place where you can talk about life, and start walking down the path of healing.

Can I live anywhere in the world to use this?
Due to important regulations surrounding mental health, we only offer online counseling in Illinois. We are an Illinois-based practice and it’s the state where our licenses are valid.

Should I have any privacy concerns?
We use the same HIPAA compliant chat software that M.D.’s use.

Is there a cost difference?
The cost is the same as in-person sessions. You can pay out of pocket if you wish, but we accept AETNA and BCBS health plans.

What technology do I need?
You must have Internet access and a computer or device that can download and install our HIPAA-compliant software.

I’d like to give this a shot. How do I schedule?
Fill out our contact form and our intake department will be in touch with you as soon as possible. You can also reach us directly by calling 630.588.1201.